Wicked Pictures Releases Finale of Seth Gamble’s ‘Vanity’

Wicked Pictures Releases Finale of Seth Gamble's 'Vanity'

LOS ANGELES — Wicked Pictures has released “Sheer Pleasure,” the finale episode of Seth Gamble’s “Vanity,” starring Ryan Reid.
Produced by Wicked Head of Production Axel Braun, Vanity “holds a sensual mirror up to the reality women create when they lean into a feeling, a sense, and a knowing that females from all walks of life can empower themselves in potentially limitless ways,” a rep said.

In “Sheer Pleasure,” Reid finds herself in a sumptuous boudoir setting bedecked in gossamer drapes and valances.

“The voluptuous brunette begins pleasuring herself playfully and seductively, her dark hair framing smiling eyes, her choice of lavender lingerie creating a powerful contrast to her tanned and perfect taupe stomach,” the rep described. “Once Gamble enters the scene, expert camerawork and seamless editing combine to render an unforgettable tryst.”

Director and co-star Seth Gamble said, “Thanks to the support of Axel Braun, Billy Visual, and the rest of my wonderful crew and talent, I am able to take the viewer one step beyond the purely visual aspects of the scene and deliver things that make the audience think and feel. I believe this approach is useful for us as performers, because it puts the primary focus on the viewer’s experience.”

Gamble said his co-star “has a charisma that is delightful, appealing, and enchanting. She feels very natural, and a scene like this really required someone with an exhibitionist streak as well as a great deal of stamina, and she delivered all that and more.”

Reid enthused that “being a part of Seth’s set made me feel so sexy. Wicked Pictures ‘Vanity’ allowed me to truly be myself on camera, and I’m very excited to be a part of more of his movies and scenes!”

“Sheer Pleasure” is now streaming on Wicked.com.


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