Viktoria Quinn Headlines ‘Sexual (r)Evolution’ From Joybear

Viktoria Quinn Headlines 'Sexual (r)Evolution' From Joybear

LONDON — Viktoria Quinn stars in the newest release from Joybear Pictures, “Sexual (r)Evolution.”

Directed by Ed & Sam, the cast includes Evie Rees, Lola Marie, Tindra Frost, Yiming Curiosity, Chris Cobalt, Marcus Quillan and Sam Bourne. “This movie really shows how far we have come in becoming more comfortable with our sexuality and sexual relationships,” said Joybear CEO and founder Justin Santos. “It also makes you wonder, ‘Where will things go next?'” According to a rep, the feature takes place in “a house which has seen five generations of women experiencing generational waves of feminism under its roof as they, and the people they love, navigate the choppy waters of sex.”

The storyline jumps in time from 1964 to 1971, then 1988 to 1997, and finally to 2022. “From the 1960s, when women started to demand what they wanted, through the struggle for equality in the 1970s, the power dynamics between the sexes in the 1980s, the fight for good sex in the 1990s and where we are today in the 2020s, viewers can see the evolution of how our sex lives are still changing,” said the rep. Evie Rees co-stars in the 2022 scenario. “It’s very similar to the importance of consent,” he said. “I love that there’s a scene where you say ‘don’t touch your ass’, followed by a scene like ‘Yeah, don’t touch your ass’.”

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