Tori Easton Lands Transfixed Spotlight Series ‘Muses’

Tori Easton Lands Transfixed Spotlight Series 'Muses'

MONTREAL — Tori Easton stars alongside Charlotte Sins in the November edition of the Transfixed spotlight series “Muses.”

Directed by Stella Smut, the “beachy-themed scenario offers viewers a carefree and chilled-out vibe along the sandy shore, with Easton striking sun-drenched poses as ocean waves crash around her,” said a rep. “Passion erupts when she makes the acquaintance of special guest star Charlotte Sins and they consummate their newfound relationship in a nearby surf shop.”

Smut enthused about the shoot.

“Tori’s Muse was so rewarding to shoot,” she said. “Being an LA native myself who is inherently in love with the ocean and all that comes with it, getting to shoot a good portion of this at the beach at sunset was a really fun experience that procured stunning visual results. Tori and Charlotte silhouetted in the misty-watered golden-sun really was a gorgeous touch to an already stunning project.”

Easton expressed her excitement about the project.

“I was honored when asked to be a part of Transfixed’s new series ‘Muses’ and get to write my own fantasy,” she said. “I’m very excited for everyone to see how Bree Mills and Stella Smut made my vision come to life.”

The scene is streaming on Transfixed.

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