The Hitman: Love is Deadly

The Hitman: Love is Deadly
A routine hit job turns into a conflict of consciousness when Ryan is hired to off the wife of a timid socialite in The Hitman: Love is Deadly. Ryan typically executes his contracts with a cold precision and efficiency, but there’s something different about Freya. He finds himself unable to justify the hit, and soon after realizes there may be something deeper causing him to hesitate.
Mike Quasar has long been one of my favorite directors and writers. He knows how to tell a story, he knows how to pace a movie, and he knows how to capture great sex. The man is a creative whiz even though he’d love to convince you otherwise! He’s put together an awesome cast and given each of them a chance to stretch their wings.

Freya Parker is an absolute diamond. Every time I see this woman on a cast list, I get giddy because I know I’m in for a dynamite performance. I don’t think it’s out of bounds to call her a generational talent. Someone once told me that it’s easy to find hot girls that want to fuck, but it’s much harder to find hot girls who want to perform. Freya is absolutely the latter. She is so believable when she’s acting, and it makes her sex resonate on a much deeper level. Couple that ability and drive with her stunning looks, and you’ve got a true star. Alongside Parker are the immensely talented Kenzie Taylor (who has truly found her place as a feature performer over the last few years) and September Reign. September is a classic example of a talent that seemingly comes out of nowhere to take the industry by storm, but if you knew about her years ago, you already knew she was going to be incredible. Top things off with the incomparable Tommy Pistol and Ryan McLane, and you have perhaps the strongest cast of any feature in the last half decade.

The Hitman: Love is Deadly opens with Tommy and Ryan discussing the hit before we move to Freya and Tommy in bed together. Freya is trying (unsuccessfully) to entice Tommy into sex, and her frustration boils over when he appears uninterested in her. However, a heartfelt admission from Tommy assuages her fears, and the couple falls into each other’s arms passionately. Tommy pumps Freya with an intimacy that feels like something from a romance novel, and her gasps of pleasure drive home the romantic nature of the sex. The cowgirl is blistering, and the reverse cowgirl is somehow even better.

Meanwhile, Ryan tries to clear his reservations about completing the job in the pussy of his heartless girlfriend Kenzie. Ryan is suddenly having doubts about why Freya deserves to die; Kenzie reminds him that they need the money and his job isn’t supposed to be personal. To drive her point home, she lets him fuck the hell out of her. The spoon is raunchy, and Kenzie lets Ryan pound her to pieces in a rough and ready cowgirl.

Freya does end up in bed with Ryan after the troubled hitman manufactures an excuse to see her, with both parties admitting that their lives are perhaps not on their preferred track. Again, Freya is absolutely magical in her performance. This feels like more than sex; it feels like the release of pent-up frustration and an embrace of long-missed pleasure. Freya rolls her head back in ecstasy as McLane thrusts into her like a man who can’t believe his luck.

Tommy and September cap the sex off with a celebratory fuck that sees Reign ride Pistol into the stratosphere. Seriously, don’t miss this sequence, because it will ignite your libido like gasoline on a campfire. The scene ends with Tommy pounding Reign from behind like a madman and dropping a wet load all over her luscious ass.

The story ends on a cliffhanger that I won’t spoil, but suffice it to say that Quasar once again delivers a fine story to go along with all the awesome sex.


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