Spring Break Fuck Parties, Vol. 19

Spring Break Fuck Parties, Vol. 19

Yes, you can see 4 sex scenes in this fun Team Skeet series. But in every episode, including glamorous and horny favorites like Natalie Porkman, Avery Cristy, and Jenna J. Ross, you get 12 cute, bubbly, and horny babes really banging for a good dick. Delicious!

Cute black-haired Kiara Kai is married, and her equally beautiful girlfriends Queen Wilde and Cara Lee (the smallest of the trio) hit Kai with champagne and Kai’s ex-boyfriend’s cock ( with Kyle Mason) helps you celebrate. A simple view of the beach house on the large white sofa. It is very good for every girl to absorb mason meat. The same can be said of three pairs of lips o’ (face) working simultaneously for Kyle-cock. Mason knocked Randy Bunny out of the pup at one point, forcing everyone to line up for the wet. The cowgirls with their pies on the sofa are not only touching, but also maids, with some of the best aerial/POV work. I especially like Kai, tall and rowdy with her small tits and big nipples during Back Cowgirl. Down!

In Scene 2, three artists, happy but still attractive girls (blonde Allie Addison, blue-haired Jewelz Blu, and brown-haired Lily Glee) enjoy Will Pounder‘s madness of brushes and nude patterns. When we get back to the gangbang, the girls are painting their whole bodies and pounding and making a nice mess. My favorite sequence is where all the girls ride Pounder-pud to cowgirl and back cowgirl individually, while the puppy stands with all the brats is also very interesting. “Are you ready to draw?” The Founder joked before pouring cum on the giggled face. “Thank you for drawing us.” Jewelz smiled as Allie and Lily said thank you.

Scene 3 features redhead/succulent Riley Gray and brunette spinner Aria Skye, as well as one of my favorite pornstars, the seductive and filthy Natalie Porkman (the tallest woman in the sequence). Getting dirty with Johnny Kid’s students during the competition. 4 ghosts enter the bedroom after Natalie’s greatest desire to achieve their X length. Cowgirl Style Multiply 3 (shot from Johnny’s POV) is hot. I especially loved the wild-eyed Natalie and the juicy Riley in action, though Aria’s sincerely beaming smile is truly fab. And Johnny’s doggie banging Natalie (twice) — as she initially eats Grey’s bent-over pussy, while Grey eats Aria, who’s on her back — is fantastic.

Doggie with the luscious Grey, however, similarly kicks ass, as does reverse-cowgirl (shot from Johnny’s perspective) with voluptuous Grey. “The Kid” eventually busts his nut all over their three photogenic faces. We end with quite a bang, as three truly gorgeous, collegiate-looking foxes — brown-haired Avery Cristy (a fave!), dark-haired Jenna J. Ross (a new fave!), and dirty-blonde-haired Charlotte Sins (boing!) — are at a rented getaway house, having a blast while naked in a huge outdoor hot tub, when Johnny Castle unexpectedly shows up (apparently, he also booked the house), after which, the girls really have a blast. On a good, old-fashioned bed, the delicious-looking ladies descend upon Johnny-joint. Great blowjobbers all! Jenna and Charlotte suck-cessfully go to the base, while Johnny majorly face-fucks Charlotte. Doggie with each sweetie rocks, especially with Jenna, who takes it hard and digs getting spanked, while it’s especially a joy seeing Avery in such ecstasy as Castle hammers her via spoon.

And watching Avery-ass bounce on cock during cowgirl is rad, with Charlotte eating Avery’s anus and Jenna sucking Castle-cock when it occasionally exits. He also beats up the maids (Mom!) and smears Castle-cum on their faces as they collapse in bed. yes! Don’t miss this mini orgy foursome, featuring separate trios of simple, heartbeat-sharing new pleasures. Don’t miss the smoke with Porkman, Cristy, Ross, Sins and (underrated!) Grey.

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