Private Show

Private Show
Every fourth Saturday of the month, Vanessa Sky has a special arrangement. She visits the home of a high- profile client and has to do everything on his terms. She’s there to put on a show and play. But one night, her client wants something more — something memorable.

Delphine Films is a relatively new studio that claims to put a premium on high-end feature porn. The studio’s vision is to combine high-engagement cinematic quality with unique narratives to produce intimate, barrier-breaking sexual scenes. Their aim is to indulge their audience in genres such as comedy, drama, psychological thriller, music video, period piece, and dramedies. In-house director Bloomer Yang is the creative engine behind each short film showcased, and if what I’ve seen here is any indication, the studio is in good hands. There’s a definite effort to make the scene feel high-end. The set piece, lighting, and sound quality are all high. The story is simple but thoughtful, and it has enough weight to make an impact on the sex, which is what feature porn needs in order to set it apart from run-of-the-mill scenes.

The intensity of the sex can be attributed mostly to Vanessa. She embraces the story and carries its ramifications with her into the sex. She’s supposed to be punishing Dorian del Isla (he begs her to do so at the beginning), but the empowerment she feels once she takes control shatters her. She ends up as the one begging for more, the one being dominated, the one being used. Dorian is particularly rough with Vanessa when he bends her over and fucks her from behind while crushing her face into the pillow. There’s a desperate, animalistic energy that pours out of Vanessa as Dorian slams her over and over, and she can’t help but succumb to it. Viewers are going to explode when they see it.

I’m looking forward to seeing more from Delphine. They’re creating content in the vein of studios like Deeper and Pure Taboo, and in my opinion, porn needs more content like that. Bloomer Yang seems to understand that there’s still a corner of porn that is stimulated by the synergy of a good story and good sex. Delphine looks to have a bright future.

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