No Regrets

No Regrets

Blonde darlings Lily Larimar and Eliza Eves star in two stories of wrinkle from the greatly twisted people at PureTaboo.

In the title story, “No Regrets,” Alex Jett and Lily Larimar are a youthful couple working in a bistro, when a responsibility ridden Alex lets the cat out of the bag that he undermined Lily since he feels that their sexual coexistence is trapped struggling to survive, so, all in, still up in the air to demonstrate to him, at that moment in the bistro, that she can be similarly as “freaky” as some other young lady. Furthermore, Lily demonstrates it magnificently! Larimar is an exemplary wonder; she’s simply so delightful looking, with that beautiful face, long light hair, and executioner spinner’s body. She likewise provides one foul sensual caress with that merits the cost of affirmation. Profound. Noisy. Liquid soaked. There’s a more established male client in the bistro, paying attention to his iPod, so we get an additional component of risk/unusualness as she sucks him, trailed by Jett eating her in different secretive situations behind the espresso counter. At a certain point, in any case, they simply don’t mind any longer and begin fucking solidly in the center of the joint. Standing doggie with Lily is fab; likewise for evangelist, during which Jett conveys a fly stream o’ jizz all around her hot pussy, which she cheerfully eats up. There’s an incorrigible sense of humor to the consummation, as well.

In “Down the Rabbit Hole” (the more drawn out of our two stories), Eliza Eves is 18 and going to graduate secondary school, yet understands that she can’t stand to go to her “fantasy” business college, when one of her lady friends proposes that Eliza “sell her virginity,” which is definitively what the at-first-stunned however soon-persuaded Eliza does. She finds the most elevated bidder on the web and gets debauchedly loaded down with rooster by fortunate Seth Gamble in a prison. What’s hot about Eves is, particularly with her glasses on, she seems to be a normal young lady, yet when she removes her garments, watch out! Eliza is emphatically tasty!

Bet’s prison is actually lit with shades of blue profound inside the semi-murkiness; Seth plays unpleasant very well, however Eves is very great herself at depicting the blameless, terrified, yet marginally turned-on virgin, with the debauched sex gradually unfurling and step by step working to volcanic outcomes. “I like it how terrified you are,” he tells her. Bet puts a belt around Eliza’s neck and makes her beginning sucking his dick, which is more similar to an oral attack. Who said that sentiment is gone, eh? Be that as it may, Eves begins digging it, particularly when Gamble gags and slaps her.

Eves flies off the handle when Seth sucks and finger-screws her pussy, prior to staying his peter inside her undiscovered opening through evangelist. He does it gradually. “Goodness, it’s so close,” he moans. We can see that Eves is in torment, albeit the joy completely overwhelms her. She before long reveres him beating her and hitting her sweet tits with generous blows. Eves is a screamer. Also, watch her tits fiercely circle as Seth pummels her with salami. We additionally get standing doggie (once more, the child fat on Eves makes her even more scrumptious, particularly with that round and delicious butt), trailed by some decision cowgirl, during which, the two of them alternate in the control seat. I’m happy that we get some customary doggie, with delectable Eves completely twisted around and Seth making those enormous cheeks vibrate. Also, watch her boobies bob during reverse-cowgirl; her penis massages get nastier as the scene advances. A re-visitation of cowgirl is stunningly better than the first, with Gamble slapping that fine slumping fanny, prompting his blowing a completely develop load all around her charming face. Also, clearly our virgin-no-more likes the flavor of cum.

These two stories — concerning a couple of various in any case, still, likewise customary young women, who each go for a stroll on the wild side — make for some genuinely singing survey.

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