Natural Phenomena 2

Natural Phenomena 2
These young women are examples of “natural phenomena” because their bodies are 100 percent, well, natural, from head to toe (including attractive, unaltered faces; delicious all-natural boobs; and meaty, totally real booties), with each and every female performer being both boner-bursting and ball-draining; though it’s nasty little Violet Starr who earns highest points in my humble perv’s opinion.

Up first is big-titted/-bottomed Bella Rolland, who’s one of the two lascivious lassies taking it up the backside in “Natural Phenomena 2” — and from what better, more crazed stud than Ramon Nomar, right? Just watch Bella shake, squeeze, knead her hangin’ hooters. I love how those tits shake when she sucks Nomar’s noodle; he also fucks her tits, with Bella blowing him during this arousing breast-banging. A very creative slut, indeed! After some rocking reverse-cowgirl anal, Bella gives the Ram man an equally rockin’ ATM. She’s beside herself during doggie-anal, as her rectum is righteously wrecked. Bella’s bodacious boobies circulate during missionary- and spoon-anal, while cowgirl-anal lets you revel in her booty rolling all over the place; ditto for reverse-cowgirl-anal, shot from Ramon’s POV, including some outrageous gapes. Bella takes a full cum shot like a natural as well.

Next, super-stacked DVD cover girl Alyx Star gets the “NP2” treatment big time from wild Zac Wild. Alyx is one of the best cock chokers in the movie, going to the base of Zac-boner. Star also totally digs getting her cleavage fucked, as well as having her tits smacked with hard open-handed blows. And those heavenly hooters look even better (if that’s possible) when they’re all greased up and shimmering. Doggie with this fleshy snack is out of this world (her fanny is also marvelously shiny with oil!), with Alyx digging it all the more when Zac hammers her silly. And check out reverse-cowgirl with those tasty tits flowing like mad, before Zac creams all over said phenomenal boobies.

One of my all-time favorite beauties is Violet Starr, an ultra-juicy Lucy, here getting mercilessly pounded — in mouth, muff and anus — by the returning Wild. Ms. Starr, in fact, out-sucks Alyx, really gagging on boner, with Violet looking like she loses her martini-lunch (twice, even!) when getting face-fucked — and she just laughs it off! Zac soon sticks his prick up Starr’s asshole via missionary and spoon, as Violet insanely rubs her clit. Cowgirl with those majorly flopping ass cheeks is out-fucking-standing. Violet’s a grand squatter, too! Look at those butt cakes circulate — and for a good, nasty, long time! And check out how wide her mouth/how far out her tongue goes as she waits for a meal o’ cum, which she most certainly receives. What a happy-go-lucky slut!

Blonde and buxom Chloe Surreal (there’s a great name for ya!) reminds me of a stripper from the nifty fifties, with her pretty face standing out in its unique manner; her large/long/sloppy tits are also a wonder to behold, as well as her marshmallowy round rump. Chloe gets the “NP2” treatment from none other than (you knew he’d eventually show up!) Mick Blue. It’s so sizzling watching Chloe suck her own tits. She’s also a phenomenal cocksucker, getting Mick’s pricky all wet, shiny, and gooey with oodles of saliva. Watch those amazing boobs slam into each other during reverse-cowgirl. See ‘em undulate during spoon. Watch ‘em swing and slam into each other during pounding doggie. And (when Mick isn’t grab-assing) check out Chloe’s bountiful butt cheeks hypnotically shake during cowgirl, with her long udders banging into each other (when Mick isn’t trying to suck ‘em dry), before Blue gets ‘em all slick with dick-shellac.

From start to finish, “Natural Phenomena 2” just doesn’t stop giving. Violet beats all of the ladies in terms of uber nastiness, though Chloe is a fresh new face on the block (with a fresh new pair of tits and ass) definitely worth checking out. Excellent sleaze!

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