Natasha Nice, Callie Black Topline Girlfriends Films’ ‘Lesbian Daughter In-Laws 3’

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films has released the third installment of the studio’s “Lesbian Daughter In-Laws” series, starring cover models Natasha Nice and Callie Black.

Directed by B. Skow, “Lesbian Daughter In-Laws 3” is over three hours long, with a cast that includes Sophia West, Jenna Noelle, Sonny McKinley, Ava Davis, Sydney Paige and Veronica Church

Scene pairings include Nice with Black, West with McKinley, Noelle with Davis, and Paige with Church.

Noelle tweeted a photo from the set, captioned “So excited to be on set for Girlfriends Films today.”

Paige also tweeted a set photo with her cat, saying “In Vegas! Shot for Girlfriends Films with director B. Skow and my super cute co-star Veronica Church. I’m terrible at taking selfies and candids but I swear this is a thing that happened.”

The title is streaming exclusively on VOD here; follow Nice and Black on Twitter.

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