Mommy’s Personal Trainer 5

Mommy’s Personal Trainer 5
Vanessa Cage and Mia Linz are simply outstanding as horny, succulent, curvy, suck-and-fuck-loving MILFs who are absolutely not to be missed in this filthy fifth volume of the popular “Mommy’s Personal Trainer” series from MYLF, with popular veteran sluts Brandi Love and Syren De Mer also putting in pud-exploding performances.

Blonde Vanessa Cage — with her attractive face, big boobs, and equally big ass — is simply porn personified. I mean, just check out those ass cheeks through her skin-tight, short-short sweats as she gets athletic advice from her very lucky male trainer, with Cage putting in one of the most passionate and nastiest performances in the movie. Her insane face-fucking is a joy to behold, while doggie with Vanessa is a show-stopping segment (see her large, hanging hooters smack into each other). Her tits also bounce with great animation during reverse-cowgirl. And cowgirl with Cage’s outstandingly protuberant posterior is phenomenal. Additionally, you won’t wanna miss her puffy, sweat-lubed, shiny twat getting obliterated during missionary. Dirty Vanessa doesn’t mind kissing, either!

It’s great witnessing large-titted, wide-assed, taut-bodied MILF Brandi Love furiously fucking her own trainer, played by Jake Adams, while she’s still wearing her skin-tight sweatpants (a hole is conveniently hollowed out in the crotch section for easier access to Love’s fun box). It’s also amusing seeing her do pushups as she sucks Adams, though she soon gets more serious, focusing in on her loud and passionate suck-off. I wish, however, that Brandi did take off those pants, so that we could see the entirety of her nice, fat behind. Still, her steaming twat is fully visible during such heated positions as doggie and spoon. Jake ultimately gives her huge, awaiting tongue a nice gooey surprise.

Doing her exercises outdoors, Syren De Mer eventually seduces her lucky personal trainer, played by Nathan Bronson, with the crazed Syren looking good (and shaking quite well, with large breasts and chunky ass) during sideways spoon (she grinds so brilliantly), missionary (she wonderfully perspires while we watch her getting dick-dunked via Bronson-boner), and especially cowgirl (her ass cheeks vibrating maniacally), leading to Bronson blowing boy juice all over Syren’s tits.

Next to Vanessa, Brazilian blonde babe Mia Linz is simply superb with her own “personal trainer”; the all-around succulence of this mouthwateringly delectable porn star just oozes off the screen. Her large, augmented boobs and tight stomach soon become hornily sweaty, while Mia’s a truly wanton wonder during spoon. Her vibrantly vibrating ass cheeks are, in fact, a movie highlight during cowgirl; those butt cakes are just as big and billowing during reverse-cowgirl, as filmed from the dude’s perspective. I also sincerely appreciate the fact that our stud doesn’t grab at Mia’s price-winning backside, letting us fully enjoy this work of ass-art. And it’s perfectly natural that he busts his nut all over her butt during doggie. Mia, however, just keeps shaking (and shaking!) that sticky moneymaker after the fireworks are over. Mama!

These MILFs are wildly energetic, with blondes Vanessa and Mia especially excelling in their fuck scenes, while you still don’t wanna miss veteran hussies Brandi and Syren in action.

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