Massage Seductions

Massage Seductions

Back rub and pornography have remained closely connected for quite a long time, and Mike Quasar keeps on overhauling that dream in fine style with his most recent delivery from Sweetheart Video.

Savannah Bond and Kayley Gunner:

Savannah Bond, a standard client at the spa, is shocked when she appears for her week by week arrangement and the dazzling Kayley Gunner is her specialist. While Kayley needs to stay proficient and establish a decent connection, Savannah is undeniably more keen on getting to know the new specialist on a cozy level. It doesn’t take a very remarkable idea for Kayley to get the clue, and in a little while, she has her tongue covered in Savannah’s pussy. Savannah is vocal and not modest about let Kayley know what’s working, and Kayley’s stifled chuckling features the energetic nature between the two. Things get considerably more sweltering when Savannah upholds her butt onto Kayley’s mouth to allow the brunette sensation to get a face loaded with her butt.

Haley Reed and Madison Morgan:

Haley Reed is stunned when Madison Morgan strolls into her chambers a couple of moments before a booked client. Stressed that Madison’s tricks will hinder her work, Haley beseeches her to leave before her client shows up, just to figure out that Madison (booked under a phony name) is her client. Having had eyes for Haley for quite a while, Madison figured booking a mystery rub was the most effective way to stand out. Madison has a right stout ass, and Quasar catches a lot of it. The energetic chitchat between the women feels extremely certifiable, and it’s not difficult to accept they’re old sweethearts or lifelong companions who’ve for a long time truly needed to be darlings. They carry a shockingly healthy energy to the scene with the manner in which they communicate with one another. Haley edges Madison over and over; watching her eat Madison from behind? — yowzah, that is hot! Haley gets compensated for her diligent effort with the finger banging that could only be described as epic.

Bella Rolland and Freya Parker:

Bella Rolland and Freya Parker are two of my #1 entertainers, so in addition to the fact that I stirred up was the point at which I saw them on this cast list — I was happy to find they would perform together. Bella is disheartened to find her normal specialist Jennifer startlingly inaccessible, and she at first tells Freya she’ll return at whatever point Jennifer gets back in the neighborhood. In any case, Freya makes Bella a proposition she can’t afford to ignore, and she chooses to give the new specialist a twist. These two are just electric together. Wow, Freya pretty much breaks Bella right off the bat with her tongue and fingers, sending the shapely lady into a shuddering climax. Bella eagerly gives back in kind, and she can scarcely remain to take her mouth off Freya’s sweet pussy. This is the high place of the film, without a doubt.

Nikki Sweet and Braylin Bailey:

Braylin Bailey has quite recently completed her confirmation and starts another back rub treatment work toward the beginning of the day. Apprehensive and needing to be certain she’s ready, she persuades her companion Nikki Sweet to let her training on her. Her astounding degree of capability reassures Nikki with the goal that her hindrances vanish, and she surrenders to Braylin’s conditional advances. The best snapshots of this scene come when Nikki is eating Braylin from behind. Braylin’s subsequent climax is extraordinary, certifiable and delightful.

Knead pornography is incredibly famous, and films like this make it simple to see the reason why. Watching two ladies rub each other’s bodies as a prelude to sex is prime dream an area. The pairings here are perfect, and the narratives do barely to the point of keeping crowds intrigued past the astounding sex. Freya stays a star, and her experience with Bella isn’t to be missed.

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