Maddy May Stars in 3rd Installment of Seth Gamble’s Wicked Series ‘Vanity’

Maddy May Stars in 3rd Installment of Seth Gamble's Wicked Series 'Vanity'

LOS ANGELES — Wicked has released the third installment of Seth Gamble’s “Vanity,” a BDSM-themed scene titled “I’ll Misbehave,” featuring Maddy May.

With “Vanity,” a rep noted, Gamble “returns to the world of sophisticated visual erotica he’s created in such acclaimed anthologies as ‘Money’ and ‘The Red Room.’ Produced by Wicked Head of Production Axel Braun, ‘Vanity’ holds a sensual mirror up to the reality women create when they lean into a feeling, a sense, and a knowing that females from all walks of life can empower themselves in potentially limitless ways.”

The rep noted how 2023 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year nominee Maddy May, with her “fresh-faced good looks and smoldering eyes, makes her the perfect submissive in Gamble’s scenario. Her performance supports the project’s overarching theme of female empowerment — it’s clear her character finds serving a dominant to be a very fulfilling choice.”

Gamble revealed that May “understood the scene immediately. First and foremost, a sub is not a doormat. They have feelings and needs, and so they shouldn’t serve apathetically or reluctantly. A real dom wouldn’t want a doormat anyway. They want someone who truly understands the power dynamic at play. Maddy was more than up to the task. She brought a lot of energy and charisma to the scene, and our chemistry is very palpable.”

May enthused about her experience working with Gamble.

“Being able to be a part of his vision was phenomenal. It combined a favorite kink of mine and gonzo in the same video,” she said.

Gamble was equally effusive about the input of his creative team, including Ryan Ray, Billy Visual and the rest of his crew, and about Braun’s support for his vision.

The third episode of Vanity, “I’ll Misbehave,” premieres today exclusively on

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