Lesbian Hardcore 2

Lesbian Hardcore 2

Erotica X’s branch-off lesbian studio Lesbian X presents four in-your-face lesbian scenes from chief Mason.

Aiden Ashley and Ivy Wolfe (“Blonde on Blonde”):

You need to discuss power? This is all there is to it represented, people. Aiden Ashley has forever been a strong entertainer, and Ivy Wolfe matches her inclination and desire step for step here. This isn’t that “rip your garments off and screw all around the room” power, it’s the “I’m so brimming with delight that I don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage my body, so I’m simply screeching and shaking” sort of force. Ivy knocks Aiden’s socks off as she devours her, while Aiden rests up against the wall. What’s more, later on, she breaks Aiden with a body-shaking climax while letting the flexible blonde ride her face. Aiden gets Ivy’s eyes going out of her skull as she fingers her from behind prior to covering her face in Ivy’s butt fervently to the point that Ivy sinks to the floor in a shuddering store.

Lilly Bell and Lily Larimar (“Hot Lesbians Lily and Lilly”):

Lilly Bell and Lily Larimar were made to sex one another. These two plunge upon one another right away, and their fingers and tongues are relentless. There’s some extremely hot toy play (as well as a few brilliant situations between these two, wow), and it rules the scene. The two women alternate utilizing their apparatus to bring the other to vocal climaxes, yet Bell most certainly gets the overwhelming majority of the good times.

Coco Lovelock and Madison Summers (“Blonde Cuties”):

Discuss nubile love! These two slime “mischievous young ladies nearby,” and they surely satisfy the charging. Coco Lovelock seems to be the honest young lady you maintain that should do frightfully mischievous things to, and Madison Summers seems to be the young lady claiming to be blameless who has previously done awfully wicked things. This scene begins with a great melodic backup that sets a decent state of mind, and Coco establishes the vibe by tonguing energetically at Madison’s poop hole immediately. From that point, she settles under Madison’s adequate ass and gets down to business on her pussy. However, honestly, Coco can’t get enough of Madison’s tight butt hole, returning to it with her fingers and tongue frequently. When Madison champions herself, she totally dominates — at one point standing and turning the modest Coco over for a standing 69. She overlap Coco down the middle and throws her around while carrying the youthful lady to many climaxes.

Paige Owens and Freya Parker (“Sweet 69”):

Man, Freya Parker is an issue! She is genuinely perhaps of the hottest entertainer working today, as I would like to think. Her eyes dare you not to need her with a hurting energy, and her steamy grin pulls you in and never gives up. Take all that sexual capital and match it with the sexual dynamo that is Paige Owens, and you have a powerful experience. Freya takes a long ride all over (from the front and back so the crowd can research her delightful ass) before Paige scissors Freya into orgasmic euphoria. Amazing. Simply amazing.

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