Jennifer White Is a ‘Neglected Housewife’ In Latest Release From Modern-Day Sins

Jennifer White Is a 'Neglected Housewife' In Latest Release From Modern-Day Sins

MONTREAL — Jennifer White stars alongside Jay Romero in the latest episode from Modern-Day Sins’ “Mad Fuckers” series, titled “Neglected Housewife’s Needs.”

“Jennifer White has just found out she and her husband are expecting a bundle of joy and can’t wait to furnish the baby’s new room, but her husband is away on business,” said a rep. “Neighbor Jay Romero shows up to assist her, but Jennifer is angry at her husband for treating her as delicate and helpless, having gone behind her back to set up some neighborly help.”

Series showrunner 3X West praised White’s performance.

“Jennifer White blazes onto the screen and into our hearts with another of her always-firecracker performances here,” West said. “Stories of female empowerment are always important to us as a company, and we wanted to break the stereotypes of a frail and fragile pregnant woman.”

“Neglected Housewife’s Needs” is streaming on ModernDaySins and AdultTime.

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