Hawaiian Paradise

Hawaiian Paradise
This comedic featurette from Jerkaoke offers a three-babe/two-stud, sweaty, soggy, scorching mini-orgy as the main cum-ponent of “Hawaiian Paradise,” featuring the tasty, torrid talents of Madison Morgan, Rosalyn Sphinx, and (hubba, hubba!) Kali Roses.

In a large backyard with a massive lawn — no doubt somewhere in the Valley — the ever-luscious Kali Roses plays the juicy hostess of a fictional televised sex program (it would be great if such a TV show really did exist!), with Kali coordinating/overseeing various fun outdoor games with four contestants: Madison Morgan, Rosalyn Sphinx, Jessy Jones and Celtic Iron. All four “players” soon engage in various water sports (the innocent, not kinky, kind), each of ‘em trying to win a whopping 1,000 dollars, with all five folks wearing Hawaiian outfits (hence the title of the movie), leading to our lads and lassies eventually getting tangled in some way-horny sucking and fucking inside the house, the living room decorated with more entertainingly cheesy Hawaiian decorations.

And there are just so many steamy moments in this orgy! For one, you’ll get a raging hard-on just looking at big-assed/-boobed Kali in the raw, though the equally big-bottomed Madison as well as scrumptious, short-haired spinner Rosalyn (wearing braces, no less!) are choice-looking sluts themselves. All of ‘em put in excellent performances. I especially enjoyed viewing taut, petite Rosalyn getting slowly, passionately doggied by lucky Celtic Iron. Moments later, Iron far more heartily bangs Madison via merciless doggie. He spanks Madison good, too, as she feasts on Rosalyn’s twat, while Madison also enjoys Ironman yanking her hair. And watching Kali’s ample rump rock and roll while she rides Jessy’s joint during cowgirl is phenomenal. A bit later, Jessy spends a good amount of time slamming Rosalyn via missionary, while also frequently choking her, with Rosalyn’s terrific facial expressions being unforgettable, as she has numerous orgasms during this maniacal Jones invasion. Shortly thereafter, Rosalyn is equally worth catching as she’s powerfully hammered by Iron, who lifts her off the ground and reams her missionary; the little pixie frequently screams with ecstasy.

More fantastic moments follow: namely, Madison’s own big butt cakes (next to Kali’s bountiful booty) madly vibrating during cowgirl with Jessy. And Iron’s doggie-drilling of both Kali and Madison in tandem upon a sofa is big-ass heaven, indeed. Also, check out Jessy dick-plunging Maddy’s mouth, as Kali eats Madison-muff. Additionally, all three ladies are fab deepthroaters, especially Ms. Roses, who really goes deep with Iron’s crowbar, followed by a wild ride on his stiff prick via squatting cowgirl. Madison is, actually, very cum-petitive in the dick-sucking department, constantly making rude, nasty noises as her throat is frequently ravaged by boner throughout this action-crammed orgy. After Jessy’s own dynamic doggie slamming of Kali, we get a daisy chain, with all three ladies sucking either cock or pussy, cum-plete with marvelously foul slurping noises. Maddy eventually sucks Ironman to a frothy finish, while Jessy jerks off into Kali’s pretty face; Ms. Roses generously shares the jizz with cute Rosalyn. Hell, Madison even moves over to Jessy and starts greedily sucking his dick after he’s already blown jizz upon Kali. Wow!

There are simply tons of deep blazing action in “Hawaiian Paradise,” with the loudest nymph (in terms of orgasms and deepthroating) definitely being delightfully whorish Madison, while you can’t help but love voluptuous, cock-famished Kali, as well as wiry, submissive Rosalyn; all three lusty lovelies make this unexpectedly filthy title good enough for both curious couples and hardcore porn vets alike!

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