Girlfriends Films Releases ‘Lesbian Girl Play 2’

Girlfriends Films Releases 'Lesbian Girl Play 2'

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films has delivered “Lesbian Girl Play 2” featuring cover models JC Wilds and Samantha Black.

“Lesbian Girl Play 2” incorporates north of three hours of film including newbies matched with bringing stars back. The cast incorporates Dharma Jones, Bianca Bangs, Josie Tucker, Willow Ryder, Corra Cox and Bambi Lix.

During the shoot, Jones posted photographs with scene accomplice Bangs, inscribed, “We love a decent BTS photograph.”

“Lesbian Girl Play 2” is streaming exclusively on VOD here; find cast photos and additional details here and follow Girlfriends on Twitter.

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