Fuck Me Silly, Vol. 10

Fuck Me Silly, Vol. 10
Sometimes funny and sometimes dramatic, in this show on Digital Playground, you get 5 incredible stories starring top talent: Siri Dahl, Kendra Sunderland, Honour May, Gina Varney and Paige Owens. Wow, let’s dig!
Running away from her ex-boyfriend’s crazy brother (still with me?), the ever-cool Siri finds a place in a cozy place, where Siri finally hangs out with the Alex Jones -playing bar owner. After Dahl smashes a bottle over his brother’s head and passes out, Dahl and Jones disappear into a secret room of cabaret costumes, where Dahl is dressed as a flapper from the Roaring Twenties, but she is still a woman from the 21st. century. First, Siri gives Lucky Alex a deepthroat and lots of horny jobs showcasing Dahl’s big tits and juicy body. Best moments, including the dog (“Do you like my ass?” He wears pants – of course he does!) and the cowgirl, see you as Dahl’s back shaking wildly and spanking . It’s amazing how red and clammy it is. / it’s brilliant. The ending is also interesting.
Then, Xander Corvus naively invites the odd Kendra into his home the night after she’s nearly hit by a car. However, he soon became obsessed with the chubby blonde beauty and nearly abused his wife. In fact, he kicked her out of the house and left her alone to “play” with Kendra. And the bad BJ he gave while drooling. Then he rides his flimsy cowgirl and lets you see Kendra’s perfect ass, and Xander also smothers Kendra with his long hair while behind his spunky pup he hooks the mermaid swings nicely. Back Cowgirl shot from Alex’s angle, let’s enjoy Sunderland’s ass more, and Spoon gives her rich, creamy tits that turn like a cake.
Next, Brits Honor and Danny D. describe the members of the future cyberunion. This means that the damage market is over. Danny catches Honor stealing documents and May convinces him to go out on his own. Honor pampers her with amazing BJ and passionate sex. A puppy stood up happily with respect. I sweat too much. In fact, she reminds me of the pretty Valérie Perrin of the 1970s. What! Maybe a good time with your dog, at your desk or on the floor. And don’t forget the last slow drop of cum squirting onto her face.
Baby Owens, featured in one of my personal favorites, strikes a deal by fucking the boss while working in a rough bar and proving he can have a life with a few macho users. , veteran Puder Scott Nails. Doggie is great, but cowgirl is better with Paige’s nice ass while Owens controls that cock. He lost it on purpose by giving multiple dirty deepthroats Lastly, blonde Brit babe Gina Varney is amazing in her scene with the older Danny D., who tries to get into a club which only allows folks aged 18 to 24; Varney constantly and comically catches the undaunted Danny as he tries to sneak in, before she shows a bit of charity and lets the sad sack “fuck (her) silly.”
Initially bossy, Gina soon gets more submissive as the scene progresses, melting during standing doggie (love the black garters!), as Danny slams away, while her superlative tits undulate. Missionary, cowgirl, spoon (one of the movie’s best positions with this ultra-vixen), and jackhammer mish are all outstanding with freaky Varney. Then, there’s a return to standing doggie, with Gina’s eyes rolling into the back of her skull. Such a perfect ass, too! I love the nasty sounds she makes when hacking on cock. And we’re treated to another killer slo-mo cum shot, with dirty Gina gorging on most of it. Beautiful!
From start to finish, “Fuck Me Silly 10” shakes people’s dicks with all the cute women projecting their inner garments to impress, playfully and proudly.

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