Fuck Me Now

Discipline is the greatest aphrodisiac. It soothes the agony of need unsatisfied. It quells the desperation of denial. But discipline can only hold back the torrent of lust for so long. And when the walls of discipline break, the deluge of debauchery is fierce — and utterly satisfying. This is Kayden Kross’ latest release from Deeper: an unfiltered view of what it looks like when someone can’t hold back their desire any longer.

Ashley Aleigh and Small Hands (“Fuck Me Now”):

Ashley Aleigh starts the scene out simple enough, cleaning up a hotel room as she thinks about the sex she and Small Hands shared in that room the previous night. But the longer she thinks about it, the more her libido boils until she can’t take it anymore. She strides into the bathroom while Hands is showering and rips him into her arms, demanding he fuck her now. And folks, Hands obliges in spades. I mean, he tears Ashley up! He fucks her like an animal, grunting and thrusting and rubbing her furiously. Ashley quivers under his relentless battering, begging for him and slamming her exceptional ass back into him with matching guttural intensity. They are connected in their need to consume each other, and it is hot as fuck.

Nikki Sweet and Isiah Maxwell (“Quiet”):

Nikki Sweet has been aching for Isiah Maxwell’s dick all day. When he finally finds her in the bathroom, she begs him to fill her. Unfortunately, Nikki’s brother comes home early and threatens to ruin everything with his terrible timing. When Isiah suggests they wait until some other time, Nikki promises to be quiet. It’s the sex-in-public, “I hope we don’t get caught, but I can’t wait” fantasy executed perfectly. Nikki is full of desperate energy, and Isiah is playfully cautious. But once Nikki’s brother gets in the shower, all quiet bets are off, and Nikki squeals with pleasure as Isiah handles her all over the bathroom, including a rump-ramming anal pounding that makes Nikki cream all over herself.

Alexia Anders and Anton Harden (“Throat”):

Alexia Anders is picked up by Anton Harden for a recording session, which is odd considering Anton isn’t her normal driver. However, Alexia finds herself mesmerized by Anton’s familiar face, and before long, she realizes she’s seen him in porn videos before. Her curiosity is piqued because of the reputation of Anton’s huge dick, and she is unable to resist asking him if he really is who she thinks he is. When Anton drops his pants and confirms her suspicions, she admits that she’s not allowed to stress her throat while on tour. But the caveat is, her producers don’t know how much stress her throat can take. After that, it’s a straight-up hole-sucking showcase. Alexia deepthroats Harden and lets him fill her pussy balls deep. The hunger in Alexia’s body is evident, and she feels like someone who has been denied for too long. No matter how deep Anton plunges his dick into her holes, she rolls her head back in ecstasy and basks in the “stress.”

Dubsie and Manuel Ferrara (“The Neighbor’s Daughter”):

An affair takes a turn for the worse when Manuel’s young neighbor Dubsie sneaks into his home one afternoon looking for some good dick. This girl is cute as hell. It’s my first time seeing her, and I could definitely stand to see more of her. She’s got an energy that is infectious, and every thrust feels like the first time for her. She also has a fucking dynamite ass that sizzles when she settles it onto Manuel’s face lewdly.

Kayden Kross does a great job directing these four scenes, and the cast all do a great job bringing the scenes to life. Ashley and Small Hands melt the screen, and everything beyond their scene is just icing on the cake.

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