Frisky Stuff

Frisky Stuff

In Frisky Stuff, Ashley (April Olsen) cannot catch a break. Her literary career is nonexistent, as she hasn’t had a single bite on her manuscript. And ride-share driving just isn’t enough to cover her bills. On top of that, she’s got a roommate from hell (Tommy King) who spends every day fucking her boy toy Caine (Lucas Frost), and running up the electric bill. To add insult to injury, Ashley runs into an old college classmate of hers (Paige Owens) who has abandoned the world of writing and taken up camming instead. While Ashley has become the stereotypical struggling writer, Jackie is living in the lap of luxury. When Ashley hits rock bottom, she has to make a choice: Will she risk blowing her life up and sacrifice her artistic morality for the financial stability that comes with selling sex?

This is the first time I’ve seen writer/director Eddie Nova’s work, and it also happens to be the first time the director has collaborated with Wicked Pictures. Eddie has a lighthearted storytelling style and seems to thrive in the romcom genre. Frisky Stuff hearkens back to the days when Wicked would fill out their yearly output with high-quality comedies that worked as great entry points for folks who wanted some sex with their comfort films. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any porn in that vein, and its return is like a comfy blanket. If this is what viewers can expect from Eddie Nova, he should have a long and fruitful career in the industry.

No meet cute porn romcom can truly work without a strong cast, and Nova assembles just that for his first Wicked feature. April Olsen made her Wicked debut not long ago in Axel Braun’s “Pretty Little Things,” and although it was an all-sex role, she clearly left an impression because she’s handed the keys to lead this feature. That was a good decision on Nova’s part, because Olsen handles herself quite well under the pressure. She feels natural, and a film like this really needs a strong sympathetic protagonist in order to stick the landing. Olsen provides that presence with ease. Her villain is the vindictive Tommy King, another relative newcomer who makes her Wicked Pictures debut. She’s perfectly despicable and provides the necessary conflict to make the story work. The cast is bookended by the always on-point Seth Gamble alongside veterans Paige Owens and Lucas Frost. This is a real banger cast.

The sex is a damn near perfect dive in Frisky Stuff as well. Tommy rocks Lucas’ world with one of the best cowgirl rides I’ve seen this year (I mean, just take the time to marvel at her spectacular ass, y’all) and lets him pound her from behind with vim and vigor. Seriously, her ass is the absolute star of her scene and should not be missed. Paige enjoys a very naughty tryst with Nathan Bronson for the pleasure of her online fans, and it’s quite the encounter. Bronson gives Owens the business before she lays back and coaxes his balls empty with an electrifying (yet subtle) hip swivel that wraps her pussy around his shaft like a boa constrictor coiling around its prey. Olsen and Frost hook up for the camera as well, with the shy darling opening up and blowing Lucas’ mind with her spectacular riding skills. This is yet another ass showcase that will have audiences horned up from start to finish. And lastly, Gamble wrecks Olsen in a scene that will send the audience home happy. Come for the narrative payoff, and stay for Seth fucking April into the orgasmic stratosphere.

Wicked should bring Nova back soon and often, but as of this writing, Wicked has already released the first scene from his next project for the company. If this film is any indication, Nova is going to plant himself firmly on my favorite directors list, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some awards nominations come his way this fall

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