Freya Mayer Headlines Dorcel’s ‘Luxure: My Wife’s Impulses’

Freya Mayer Headlines Dorcel's 'Luxure: My Wife's Impulses'

PARIS — Dorcel has delivered chief Herve Bodilis’ “Luxure: My Wife’s Impulses” featuring Freya Mayer and Ricky Mancini.

“Freya and Ricky Mancini are frantically enamored, and they’re glad to impart their closeness to different people,” a rep said. “They view being in an open relationship as tomfoolery, energizing and helpful to them as a team.

“A progression of air and vigorously workmanship coordinated sexual ternions before long follow, all shot in Bodilis’ brand name style,” proceeded with the rep.

Their group of three accomplices incorporate Cléa Gaultier, Paulo Bangkok, Lola Bellucci, Cherry Kiss, Tony Carrera, Tommy Cabrillo and Tiffany Leiddi.

“‘Luxure’ has been one of Dorcel’s top-performing establishments universally for a long time,” noted Daniel Metcalf, U.S.- based marketing expert for the studio. “The series originates before terms like ‘hotwife’ turning into a piece of the present dictionary and specifically it has consistently clarified that while hot wifing may seem as though cheating, it’s not. Under Bodilis’ bearing, it is depicted as a type of moral nonmonogamy, where the spouse is completely mindful of his better half’s extramarital undertakings and agrees to the training as well as supports it as a method for satisfying their common dreams.”

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