Courgariffic 2

Courgariffic 2

The young cougars are back to find delicious and tasty food!

Emily Willis, Kenzie Taylor, Vina Sky and Leah Lee (“Sugar Sponsor”):

Manager Charles Dera showed a positive effect in this situation. Emily, Vina and Leah are high school girls trying to raise money to go to school in France. Unfortunately, the girls have a hard time convincing people to support them. Over time, the girls decide to do everything they can and do everything they can to attract sponsors. Luckily, the house is Kenzie Taylor, and she’s ready to support young, delicious women. This scene is nothing if not full of action. There seem to be so many that it’s hard for the camera to follow. Too bad because there are good people here! At one point, the three girls lined up on the sofa with their legs up in the air and frantically tugging at their clits waiting for Kenzie to taste her pussy with his tongue. There’s even a hot piledriver with smoke that you won’t miss.

Sheena Ryder and Eliza Eves (“Pretend Parents”):

Anatomik Media is dealing with the attempt to tell the story of babysitter Eliza who gets the wrong house but is still worth it. Sheena Ryder opened the door and was surprised to see a voluptuous, bouncy girl in the attic. The poor girl is obviously in the wrong house, but Sheena can’t stand looking like a jerk, so she lies and tells Eliza she’s in the house and invites her over. After a bit of a rush, Sheena convinces Eliza. Take off your clothes and the game begins! Eliza has a beautiful body and Sheena exudes sexuality. The result is a beautiful, steamy sex scene that hits all the right notes. Especially watching Eliza rub her pussy while Sheena rides her face.

Brooke Banner and Alexia Anders (“Sweet Birthday”):

The final offering of the body was made by Bishop Donnie Rock. Her story tells a novel about 18-year-old Alexia, who was sent to “build up” as an adult by a MILF – The Tasty Brooke Banner. I love how this scene starts with Brooke and Alexia masturbating with each other. This is one of the most intimate things to share and hopefully more porn will take some time to focus on it. The rest of the scenes include the hot scissors and the cute face instead of sitting (Brooke’s holy cigarette!) This is my favorite of the three scenes because of the relationship in this scene that you haven’t seen in other scenes.

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