Chloe Cherry to Co-Star With SZA in Mainstream Film ‘Tuna Melt’

Chloe Cherry to Co-Star With SZA in Mainstream Film 'Tuna Melt'

LOS ANGELES — Eddie Huang, starring Chloe Cherry alongside Grammy-winning SZA, has been cast in the new film “Tuna Melt,” written and directed by Eddie Huang.

Deadline broke the announcement today and described the project as “bad comedy” and “new ‘Pulp Fiction’ meets ‘High Fidelity'”.

The story is “a hitman who unexpectedly meets the love of his life as soon as he succeeds. It all happened after a breakup,” reports The Daily. “Tuna Melt” is produced by SB Project and Rider Picture Company, music mogul Scooter Braun.

This will be Cherry’s second upcoming feature project, who Deadline called the “breaking star” of the second season of HBO’s “Euphoria.” He recently completed the dystopian sci-fi pop satire “” by writer and director Peter Vack.

Cherry also presented the award onstage at the 2nd Annual Hollywood Critics’ Association TV Awards in Los Angeles last weekend to a gala packed with TV stars. Featured Image: Chloe Cherry (Photo: Shutterstock) at the 2nd Annual Hollywood Film Critics Association TV Awards held in Los Angeles, Calif., on Saturday.

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