Cake, Vol. 2

Cake, Vol. 2
The folks at Vixen’s Blacked brand present a new series focused on sex with voluptuous women.

Blake Blossom and Anton Harden (“Party Hard”):

Blake Blossom works hard, and she plays hard. She works at one of the top law firms in the city, which means she rarely gets a moment of free time. So, when she does, she spends it doing what she wants when she wants — no compromises, no regrets. Today, what Blake wants is a relaxing afternoon tanning by the rooftop pool followed by another round of Anton Harden’s stiff dick filling her to the brim. After slobbering his meat, she mounts him like a stallion and rides him to Pound Town. She spends the rest of the scene letting him stretch her out and sucking her own pussy off his rigid dick. Hot, hot stuff.

Mona Azar and Rob Piper (“Lighting a Fire”):

Mona Azar loves drama. Actually, it’s not so much that Mona loves drama; she loves the way her husband Rob Piper fucks her after she’s started up some drama between them. The way she gets under his skin with her overreactions lights a fire inside him that stirs his loins like a kettle boiling over. And hot damn if Rob doesn’t deliver! He slams the absolute hell out of Mona, rocking her ass like a buoy floating on raging waves. My word, what an ass! Once the sex starts, the entire scene is just a love letter to Mona’s delightful derrière.

Slimthick Vic and Troy Francisco (“Sandman”):

Slimthick Vic, aka Vic Marie, is having trouble picking out something to wear for girls’ night when she notices a handsome fellow eyeing her from across the boutique. Completely smitten by his smoldering presence, she decides to try on every outfit that catches her eye as a way to flirt with her strange admirer. Her brazen flirting leads the two of them back to her apartment, where Troy Francisco takes her apart. He spreads her wide, folds her everywhere, and plunges his dick into her wet pussy slowly and deeply. The highlight is a kneeling missionary, during which, he clamps his muscled arms around her like a teddy bear and fucks her. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Kenzie Madison, Jax Slayher, and Pressure (“Skip to the Fun Part”):

This scene is a continuation of a previous scene where Kenzie Madison, a massage therapist, got worked over by Jax Slayher. Here, he introduces her to one of his buddies, and the two have their way with the blonde cutie. The scene is aptly titled “Skip to the Fun Part” because Kenzie wastes little time filling her mouth with Jax and Pressure’s dicks. After oiling herself up real nice, Kenzie rides both studs enthusiastically (holy smokes, does she look great doing so!) before letting each of them take a turn pounding her from behind. Jax is particularly vigorous with her, sending her to the orgasmic stratosphere more than once.

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