Arietta Adams Makes Girlfriends Debut in ‘Secret Lesbian Diaries’

Arietta Adams Makes Girlfriends Debut in 'Secret Lesbian Diaries'

LOS ANGELES — Arietta Adams makes her Girlfriends Films debut “Covertly Lesbian Diaries 12” inverse JC Wilds.

The situation finds Adams keeping an eye on Wilds writing in her journal; she in the long run discovers that Wilds has expounded on a young lady that she has fantasized about. The two understand that they are drawn to each other and make a unique dream for themselves.

“I’ve for a long time needed to work for Girlfriends and was truly content with how the scene emerged,” said Adams. “JC was mind blowing to work with, and our science was hot. The individuals from Girlfriends are truly appreciating it, and I genuinely want to believe that they will bring me back for more.”

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